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Hello Blossoms ūüôā

I hope you’re well. ¬†I realised over the weekend that I needed to start taking my own advice! ¬†My heart has been feeling heavy with all the pain, suffering and sadness in the world, and it had been weighing on be like a huge boulder. So what did I do? ¬†I started to take some steps to reclaim my magic.

I picked up some knitting needles and some yarn, got on youtube and just started knitting and you know what it was great.  I decided I would not have any expectations and just let the yarn flow through my fingers as a type of meditation.  I learnt a new skill and it helped my mind to settle!  YAY.

c0c365174bfa3002d4422b03cc4a4c85I took Fiona’s advice on her blog¬†and took a nap. ¬†It was blissful and I realised that one thing I failed to mention on my reclaiming magic blog post was the power of slowing down.¬†It’s hard¬†especially¬† if you have children. ¬†Guess what we did? ¬†Bundle up the family, grab the dog and went for a walk, with no other purpose that to enjoy each other’s company. ¬†If you have ¬†kid’s like I do, make it a game. ¬†Ours is looking for the different coloured flowers. ¬†Little miss four can do that forever on a walk and it stops whining ūüėČ

Still not satisfied,after the kids were in bed. I wanted to supercharge my magicky self.  I filled the bath with steaming hot water, grabbed a book and dove in.  As I sank into the bubbles, I silently gave thanks for the opportunity to relax  and hot water.  Forty-five minutes later I jumped out of the bath to grab my journal and pen and began scrawling.  A week long blockage gone just like that *poof*

So lets break it down, get your magical juices reignited by:

1. Learn a new skill

2. Go for a walk

3. Take a bath- just like Fiona says!

And finally

Remember to SLOW DOWN….

How do you like to slow down? let me know in the comments section.

Love you,


Lets connect!


Tarot of the QTPOC: Asian American Tarot

This looks amazing! <Rowena >

We’ve heard a lot of word about solidarity and what that can look like in the last few weeks. Here’s one way to support POC within the spiritual community. If you cannot donate, please …

Source: Tarot of the QTPOC: Asian American Tarot

Full Moon Musings

Hey Gumnuts,

It’s the full moon tonight and I approach it with a heavy heart. ¬†This past month and beyond we have seen atrocities and hatred stretched across the globe, striking fear into the mind of everyone. ¬†From the Pulse shooting¬†to the Black Lives Matter movement¬† to Nice, France¬† and beyond. ¬†People around the world are hurting, and angry. ¬†As witches, we must come together and say enough is enough. ¬†Prayers are fine, but positive action needs to follow!3b6a05d7512366d5f97ed43418574e3a

Andi Grace  from Little Red Tarot has written a fantastic blog post about how white witches can help the black lives matter movement. It gives the action that we need to do.

Prayers are all fine and well, but we need to stand up and say no more!

As the full moon rises in the sky tonight I hope you will take the time to fill your cup from her wisdom and ask for the strength to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

What are you planning to do this full moon?


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Five Herbs A Witch Should Grow

Hello Wild Ones,

I hope you’re brilliant! ¬†Herbs are awesome, you can use them in cooking and turn the worst meal into something scrumptious. ¬†I am pretty passionate about growing them, even if you are in an apartment or living with your parents with a dirt patch or concrete for a back yard you can still have herbs. (kitchen window sill anyone?).

Here are my top five herbs I reckon you should always have on hand:

1. LAVENDER –¬†This beautiful smelling herb is a delight to the eyes and nose and is known to help relieve headaches when crushing and smelling the leaves. ¬†Even better is that it attacts bees. You can eat lavender, but only do so if you have an organic plant! and make sure you only eat the flower.IMG_3089

I prefer to dry it and use it as a smudge bundle, paired with rosemary.

Photo by Rosevita @morguefile

2. ROSEMARY –¬†Another herb that’s light purple flowers attract bees.(other colours include white, pink or blue) ¬†This plant is no stranger to many as it is used to flavour potato’s and various cuts of meat. I love it with spuds and as noted above to dry and use it as incense. ¬†It is said rosemary helps to improve memory. ¬†I like to use rosemary in protection spells or to ward off sickness. ¬†It is a wonderful herb to use for rememberence, here in Australia we use sprigs of it to wear on ANZAC ¬†and Remembrance¬†days to pay respect to those who fought for us.


3. CHAMOMILE Р  A gentle herb that is used for teas to help settle the stomach and drink before bedtime .  The two well known  types  are German and Roman chamomile. I use this plant as a tea when I want to soothe anxiety.  This would be great in a spell working on improving health, self love and kindness towards others.

Photo by GaborfromHungary

4. LEMON BALM –¬†Oh lemon balm! how I love thee, let me count the ways! ¬†You make an amazing ¬†hot tea and even better iced. ¬†If you run out of lemons and can’t make it the store, grab a handful of this delightful herb and chuck it in with your dinner. ¬†Lemony potato’s anyone? ¬†Again I love to use this dried as an incense herb. ¬†Use in spells for love , abundance ¬†and to attract joy.¬†file0001051806262

5. THYME –¬†Smells yummy! you use it in cooking, pan frying some with mushrooms and garlic, YUM! I love to use it to fill out my incense bundles. ¬†Use in spells for protection, healing¬†and cleansing.

Hope this has helped.  I love herbs and plants so there will be more coming!

What are your favourite herbs to use?

Happy spell casting


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*all photos here have been taken with permission from Morguefile photos


Five Tips To Reclaim Your Magic!

We need magic now more than ever. ¬†d384bc6b06a44f1a0fc96a7bc6f379a2Each day we are bombarded with the hatred, sadness, ¬†and catastrophe of others ¬†and their¬†acts of horror from the media. ¬†We are stuck in jobs we don’t like, aching for the wildness that we used to have and own.

We are lost and struggling to find a way to keep going.  We have lost our magic, secluded from community , meaningful relationships , and ourselves.   There was a reason why every village had a seer or medicine wo/man.

Its time to take back our power.

Here are five tips to get the ball rolling and reclaim our magic.

1. Treat Yourself With Kindness –¬†The world can be pretty yucky at times, especially with all of us plugged into social media all the time, we never give our minds time to rest and relax. ¬†Try meditation, here is a great stress-free one to start with and its only twenty minutes!

Guided Meditation

If meditation is not your bag, treat yourself to a nice walk in the park, or if you have the money, get a massage! ¬†It’s amazing how much we neglect our physical bodies. ¬†My favourite thing to do is have a bath. ¬†file000407948344

2.Connect With Your Ancestors –¬†This may be a tricky one if you don’t know where you are from or have negative associations with your family history and heritage. ¬†Then connect with a God or Goddess you feel most comfortable with. ¬†On my Grandfather’s side of the family, they are all strict Catholics. ¬†I do not relate to this side of my family at all, preferring to call on my witchy and wild ancestor women.

I do this by saying a prayer to my ancestors, making a vision board, or placing offerings on an altar.  Other ways could be connecting with Elders in your local community if appropriate and taking the time to listen to them.

3. Learn A New Skill –¬†Take a class or teach yourself a new skill. ¬†I am currently taking an online course ‘Create and Publish Your Own Decks’ with Cheralyn Darcy¬†because one thing I’ve always wanted to do is learn how to publish my own tarot deck.¬†a51cbdefa1bc4b6627b10a1205efa828

4. Plant A Garden – ¬†It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a green thumb or live in an apartment. ¬†Growing and taking care of plants is a wonderful way to connect to our base selves.

Go to your local hardware store and get some seedlings or better yet, join up with a community garden project in your local area.

The bonus is you get fresh veggies and herbs, to use.  My favourite is to make incense bundles with the herbs I grown

5. Listen To Some Music –¬†Anilah is amazing! just listen to her song Medicine Chant¬†and feel the goosebumps cover you. ¬†Sit and breathe and watch yourself… I guarantee you will feel the magic awakening in your body. Music is a great tool to alter your thought patterns and give you hope. ¬†Other musicians that I love are;¬†Wardruna¬†and Anugama¬†if you haven’t heard of them. ¬†Check them out and feel the magic!

What do you like to do to claim your magic?

Let me know in the comments!


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The Fuck No I Don’t Give Free Readings Post

‘Oh so you read tarot? ¬†Can I have a free reading?’ ¬†Inwardly I sigh and then think of a thousand curse words. ¬†Putting on the politest face I can muster. ¬†I gracefully decline.


FUCK NO I don’t give free readings¬†if you want to know why then just read on.

1. I have spent hundreds of dollars over a long period of time buying books and decks to further my occult education.

2. Over the 13+ years I’ve been reading, ¬†most readings were for free while I practiced on others, developing my skills.

3. It’s just plain rude.¬† I would never ask a mechanic to service my car for free or a hairdresser for a free haircut.

4.  I have spent gazillions! (okay a slight exaggeration) of hours tucked away journalling and connecting with the cards and yes I did it because I love it but I decided to make a career out of this skill so I deserve to be compensated.

Have you ever asked someone for a free reading?  Did their response surprise you?

Till next time,

The deck pictured above is The WildWood Tarot by  © Wil Worthington

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Top Five Tips For Reading Tarot


Card shown is from РThe Mermaid Tarot by Dame Darcy which the author has graciously allowed me to use.

So I often get asked if there are any tips or tricks to reading tarot.  Honestly, it really is common sense, there is no mystical juju that will help you become an all-knowing seer when it comes to reading tarot.

Here are my top five tips for reading the cards:

1. Practice – yeah i know obvious and boring, but you will be surprised how many people buy a deck, read it once or twice, then break it out four months later and wonder why they can’t read the cards. ¬†Repeat after me…. ‘PRACTICE’

2. Routine – Just like anything else in your life, you need to establish a routine to become good at it. Yeah it sucks, you have a baby on your hip, an exam due, a sick partner, or two jobs that you have to juggle back and forth.

Check out my previous post and start practicing with the cards. ¬†Hell, you can do it in the car while you are waiting for your kid’s soccer practice to end, or on the train to work. ¬†I did mine last night in the lounge room with headphones in while my husband and his band mate wrote music.

3. Keep a Journal – ¬†it doesn’t have to be complicated. ¬†I have found a small ring-bound journal that I throw in my backpack with nappies and wipes works great and I keep it simple, using lists to describe my cards and anything else I want to write about.

Meditate_opElevate.svg (1)

4. Meditate –¬† but… but.. .but… I’m time poor, I can’t even use the toilet without someone screaming at me. ¬†I have your back! ¬†Robin Rice’s ¬†50 One-Minute meditations ¬†are a goddess-send! ¬†I use these myself and they are super helpful! (nope she is not paying me to spruik her product, I just love it!)

(Meditation image by Brian Helfrich
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.)

5. Trust Your Instinct –¬†
When I first started reading I would get symbols or flashes of the person I was reading for in my minds eye. ¬†They freaked me out so I ignored them, until one day I couldn’t stand it anymore and I started telling clients about what I was seeing. ¬†A funny thing happened. ¬†They could relate to what I was saying.

Instinct is different from ego. ¬†The ego wants us to be fuckwits and say ¬†vaguely ‘you will meet your true love in two years time’ ¬† uhhh NOPE. ¬†The ego wants us to be right. ¬†Instinct is what has kept our ancestors alive. ¬†Look at the cards in front of you. ¬† Are you getting a large number of cups or pentacles? what is this telling you? ¬†Don’t just spout what you have read in a book of tarot meanings. ¬†Craft the reading. ¬†MAKE it YOURS. ¬†What are the cards saying to you? ¬†Tell the story.

Till next time lovelies!


P.S yes I do swear and no I don’t care ūüėČ

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Five Minute Mama- Tarot Time

Hello all you lovelies, parents, caregivers and others!

Five minute mamaTT.jpgThe above card is the High Priestess from The Mermaid Tarot by  © Dame Darcy  which the author has graciously allowed me to use.

Welcome to five-minute mama, a section that allows you to discover a little you time in five minutes.

Pfffft! yeah I can hear you scoffing right now. ¬†Some days it seems impossible to get out of your pyjamas. ¬†Don’t worry sprocket I can assure you I’ve been there, done that and am still doing it. (I’m typing this in my pyjamas as we speak and its 2:32pm in the afternoon).

One of the things I have struggled with most since becoming a parent is the lack of time to connect, to my wildness, my spirituality which is what I view as my core self.

This is a brief five-minute activity that allows you to feel you have accomplished something.

You will need:

– A Favorite Tarot deck

– Pen or Pencil

– Note pad or journal

Sandgate beach. Photo by Rowena Victoria. 2016


1. Find somewhere comfortable, for me, it’s my kitchen table or the beach.

2. Start shuffling your deck and allow yourself to focus on all the thoughts swirling through your mind. ¬†It doesn’t matter if all you can think about is the dirty laundry, just keep shuffling!

3.  Cut the deck into three piles and put them back together.

4. Pull the card from the top.

5. Crack open your journal and list everything that pops into your head when you see the card in front of you.

( its gotta be a list as this makes for quick and easy writing and once you have finished it makes you feel like you have accomplished something.)

6. When your time is up, allow yourself to read what you have written.  You will be surprised what has surfaced in relation to the card picked.

So, how did you go? does your list reveal any surprising thoughts or connections to the card?

Let me know,


Why Do You Read Tarot?

A lot of people ask me why I read tarot?

I read  to connect to the wild that is within all of us.  The aching urge that makes your heart beat and limbs ache for the great outdoors and wild mountain air.

I read to connect with the breath of the ocean who crashes on the rocks, to the wild woman who has been repressed and burned for centuries, itching to dance to the beat of her own drum.

and I am guided by her…

The Seer











Image from The Wildwood Tarot. 
© Artwork by Wil Worthington

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¬†¬†(I’m a book depository Affiliate,¬†so if you click the buy deck here link, ¬†I will earn a small commission from them)

The Seer ¬†known as the high priestess in other tarot decks whispers in my ear to acknowledge the rituals that we miss in everyday life due to modern living. ¬†The seer whispers to us….

Return to the wild…

Find the wild within…


Are you ready?

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